Insights of Your All Time Favorite Game : Civilization

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Of course this list cannot go without one of the best strategy game franchises, we’re talking about Sid Meier’s: Civilization. This game franchise started in 1991 and since then it has six editions along with a lot of expansions for almost each edition. For those of you who haven’t played it, Civilization is a turn based strategy game where you choose and play as the leader of a civilization in an attempt guide them to victory. There are a couple of ways to achieve victory and that depends on the setting of the current scenario. Civilization promises hours of fun and believe me you won’t notice how fast time goes by once you start playing!

Sid Meier’s : The Father of Civilization

In order to talk about the game, we’ll first have a look at the big man behind it all. His name is in the title itself, he is called Sid Meier. Before Sid Meier made a name for himself with the iconic Civilization franchise, he used to work as a programmer in the early 80s. People who worked with him and knew him describe him as a very humble man with a great mind. He is responsible for games such as Starships, Railroads, Colonization, Pirates, but his Civilization franchise is by far the most popular out of all of his games.

The Evolution of the Franchise

It was in 1991 when the first Sid Meier’s: Civilization game was released. It was a great base and ensured that the franchise won’t end here. After a lot of modding in 1996 Sid Meier’s: Civilization II was launched, which saw an improvement in graphics. In 1999 Civilization: Call to Power was released further improving the look of the game. In 2001 Sid Meier’s: Civilization III dropped, which is amongst gamers favorite strategy game of all time. In 2005 Civilization IV was released and in 2008 it got an expansion called Revolution. Two years later Civilization V was released and there is a debate amongst fans that this is the best game of the franchise. Some even say that it is better than it’s successor Civilization VI that was released in 2016.

The Most Popular Turn Based RPG Games

RPG games are amongst the most popular games genre out right now and the turn based ones are no exception. Arguably the most popular turn based RPG game is Heroes of Might and Magic. This game franchise is legendary and has tons of fans.

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Civ 5 Tournaments Guides

Like we mentioned in the paragraph above, games are fun and people like betting. When you combine esports with betting things get a lot more exciting. As war as civilization tournaments go Civilization 5 tournaments are more popular than Civilization 6 tournaments. Civ 5 tournaments are mostly played online where a lot of civplayers and fans take part. Civ 5 online is also a place for esports betting lovers. There are legal casino sites that offer you a chance to bet on ongoing civ 5 tournaments and competitive civ 5 leagues. Civ 5 tournaments and competitive civ 5 leagues are very popular in the esports world and you’ll be surprised by the number of online casino sites that offer you a chance to bet and win some real money.

Civ 5 online tournaments and leagues consists of ranking and rules, such as the civ 5 no quitters rules which ensure fair play and competitiveness. Civ 5 online tournaments are very popular for betting and there are legal casinos that can make things happen for you. However things are not as simple as one might think. In order to successfully bet on civ 5 online tournaments you should have some guides. The first guide that comes to mind is to always choose a legal casino site that offers the best bonus.

Next on the list of civ 5 online guides is to ensure you are familiar with the format of the tournament. Is it a 1v1 civ 5 online tournament or is it a FFA civ 5 online tournament. Because there is a massive difference between 1v1 and FFA civ 5 online tournaments in terms of how you guide your civilization to victory. This is just one example of guides, we suggest you do a bit more research on guides before you decide to make some bets.

Sid Meier’s Civilization: Is It Educational?

As far as video games go, Sid Meier’s Civilization is one of the most educational ones. It is basically a guide through history. It puts the player in the role of a historical leader in an attempt to raise and guide his civilization to victory. This game guarantees lots of fun and certainly is educational.

If you are fan of Sid Meier’s Civilization and have some questions feel free to contact us.