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Author Topic: Proper Teamer picking.  (Read 1044 times)

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Proper Teamer picking.
« on: November 19, 2011, 01:31:30 AM »
So, when the game first launched the means of civ picking and everything were pretty well known.  It seems that over time its changed for some absurd reason so I'm going to explain what the proper way to do civ picking banning drafting is etc.

Firstly, You agree to the game settings first. Once the game settings are chosen, they cannot be retroactively changed after the picks and bans.  The reason for this is some civs are stronger in certain situations than others, and people pick civs with the settings in mind.

So, players are picked first. The top cap gets first pick.  Assuming that caps pick in order of skill, this usually generates 1 3 6  vs 2 4 5.  This is much better than the 1 4 5 vs 2 3 6 arrangement, with the main line of reasoning being that player skill doesn't increase or decrease across a rating system linearly.  1 and 6 being on the same team "cancel out" in a sense.  2 and 6 being on the same team is generally really bad for team 2.  Their best player is in a situation where he can be beat whereas the worst player is teamed up with him.

So generally top captain picks first.  He should not be able to "Defer" his first pick.  He can offer it, but he cannot defer it.

Now the team that gets first pick of player should NOT be the team that gets first pick of civ.  This is another balance mechanism.  Good civs in the hands of good players feed off eachother and an advantage becomes amplified.  We avoid this imbalance by giving the player who got second pick, first pick of civ.  If there is banning, that means that first pick also gets first ban.

Remember, a ban is NOT worth as much as a pick, so strict rules of alternation do not need to apply here.

So the proper way for a draft with 4 civs banned is as follows (actions alternate between first cap and second cap): pick 1 player, pick 2 players, pick 1 player, ban 1 civ, ban 2 civs, ban 1 civ, take 1 civ, take 2 civs, take 2 civs, take 1 civ.

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Re: Proper Teamer picking.
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2011, 02:43:36 PM »
I mean this post has merit.  But I think after testing all of the civ picking ideas out.  Where its fair is either el rad which you taught me earth.  For example in a 3v3 the top captain chooses two teams of two and then the second captain picks from those two teams.  If an agreement can't be reached then drafting.  First I think the lower rated captain should get the first pick with the option to defer.  For example when we drafted and I didn't understand because i wasn't part of the picking process on how Kyp and Joe got on the same team.  I think that was a little unbalanced not that it really mattered.  And this picking style you suggest wouldn't work in a 2v2.  The 1/3 would play 2/4.  So here it goes again:

El Rad first
1.) Top captain makes two teams of players. (simple in a 2v2  ;))
2.) Lower captain picks its team.

If not agreed upon then drafting
1.) Lower captain picks first or defers pick.
2.) Top captain picks second/third
3.) Lower captain picks etc.

In regards to picking civs and banning it really doesn't matter about bans really.  But civ picking once again you are saying that the higher seeded team should get the highest valued civ.  I propose that the lower captain picks civs first or has the option to defer his pick.  And continue in a snake draft until completed. 

Just my 2 cents,


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Re: Proper Teamer picking.
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2011, 05:38:18 PM »
This is all good. But we cant force some players to play with other players.

If its a 2v2, And I say in chat me and joe need opponants, dont come expecting us to draft. :)

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Re: Proper Teamer picking.
« Reply #3 on: November 21, 2011, 05:48:06 PM »
This is all good. But we cant force some players to play with other players.

If its a 2v2, And I say in chat me and joe need opponants, dont come expecting us to draft. :)

True, but in that situation if they come to your game they know they are facing a premade team, that is a condition of joining your game.

But for random, anyone is welcome, teamers, the posts above are certainly good ways of making teams as fair as possible.

And I never wish for the random teamers that Civ4's code had in it.  It may seem like a good idea for fast team games, until you see the amount of rage quitting random teamers cause when players see they got stuck with what they think is the weak team....

And if Civ5 players really want to play with randomly generated teams, they can use one of the many RNG web pages like this site  to generate teams.  For instance in a 3v3 you assign each player in staging a number from 1-6, then set the RNG to generate random numbers in that range, the first 3 numbers are Team 1, the remaining 3 are team 2.  But like I said you might not like the double edged sword random teamers can be.

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