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Author Topic: November 2011 Civ5 Teamer Tournament Official Rules  (Read 1057 times)

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November 2011 Civ5 Teamer Tournament Official Rules
« on: October 24, 2011, 06:57:17 PM »

These are the official rules for the upcoming tourney.

*Bracket Style

*All Games will be reported to the league site as regular games are.

*Randomly Generated Brackets

*Skirmesh Map

*Ancient Start Default, Unless ALL players agree.

*No Turn Limit

*If Random Civs, Allow India Restart *Suggest all pick same civ?*

*No Scrapping Games Unless ALL agree.

*You may pick your teammate

*Reloads Must be to the turn before crash. If wrong load is started, you reload to the proper turn. This does not include resyncs.

*After a reload or resync players must understand that not all moves will be the same. No scouting after players leave for a reload!

*Single Elimination

*Great Wall BUG---Players will stop game, player with bug can run ad aware or similiar quick scan anti virus and reload steam, if this is not fixed you either play with the bug or forfiet. Apologies to those that run into this problem. 3 or 4 reload attempts is fair in this situation.

*Players may agree to play with or without the Great Wall.

*Players may agree to use "Awesomes" Draft picking strategy, but it is not required and may only be used when all players agree.

*Take screenshots of all decisions in staging or in game! F12! Also take a screenshot of the Win or loss.

There are 0 spots remaining. You must find your own partner.
1.Kyp Durron/Eml_Joe

The brackets will be randomly generated via this site:


1st Round: November 5th 10AM US EST 8 teams into 4
2nd Round: November 6th 10AM US EST 4 teams into 2
3rd Round: November 12th 10AM US EST Championship.

All games will be allowed to reschedule if agreed to by all parties before the starting time. Failure to show up by the start time will result in a disqualification. All players are responsible for finding out the start time in their timezone. CivPlayers Global Rules applies to this tournament.
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Re: November 2011 Civ5 Teamer Tournament Official Rules
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2011, 09:43:25 PM »
Just a reminder to all players about time zones.  Last week Europe switched back to Winter time, most of North America does that this Sunday.  So on Saturday, Europe Central Time is 5 hours ahead of EST, starting at 2am EST, Europe will be 6 hours ahead as it will magically become 1am in NA. 

Should not be a big deal even if there is a hour delay in players showing up, but I'd like to prevent as much confusion as possible.

The clocks on our home page that are EST, and GMT will update automatically, so you can use those if you are confused at all.

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