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C4P Rules
« on: July 12, 2011, 03:44:13 PM »
Civilization Players Leagues Rules


Welcome. Our members are Civ fans who agree to play fairly, respect others, and abide by the rules. We form a community of serious fans of the Civilization Multiplayer experience, that we call Civilization Players Leagues (CivPlayers for short). We don't quit. We don't cheat. We value good sportsmanship. In short, we love the game.

The basic premise of the league is to facilitate players finding each other, who are devoted to Civilization , so they may compete in a sportsman-like manner. Our philosophy is play hard, but play fairly. It is NOT winning at any cost. Respecting other players, no matter their skill or standings on the league, is the cornerstone of this community; treat other players, as you would want them to treat you. Especially show patience to new players that may not understand our culture or how to conduct themselves in the multiplayer world. I further encourage you to mentor new players, as they are the future of our league, just as the current veterans were once new players. Remember that you are all ambassadors for CivPlayers; your actions will make the league thrive or become extinct. The Administration will take a very dim view of unsportsmanlike behaviour, such has abusing (verbally or otherwise) other ladder members or staff, sabotaging games, or harassing other ladder members or staff. This will result in penalties or possibly immediate expulsion from the league without warning, depending on the severity of the case.

Civilization Players Multiplayer Leagues(CivPlayers) are leagues specifically designed by members of the Civilization Multiplayer community for players that enjoy the Multiplayer Experience. It is a skill-based system that ranks players based solely on their immediate calculated skill value. We use the Glicko2 algorithm as the base of the player skill calculation system; this will produce a rating system that fairly compares the relative skill of players irrespective of the types of games played. When you first join you will be given 1500 skill points, as you lose or win games your skill value and your relative ranking will move up and down accordingly. How much you move up and down will depend on the relative difference in skill level between yourself and your opponents. Beating a player ranked much higher than you will gain more skill points, and conversely losing to a much lower ranked player will drop your skill more. As well our system encourages an active league and incorporates a skill fade system that will drop the skill of inactive players (no lower than 800 pts) so that they cannot stall in the skill rank list. CivPlayers draws on a long and distinguished history of Multiplayer Civilization Gaming. Starting with Civ3PTW Ladder, Civ3Players Ladder, and CivPlayers Ladder, all of which used the Cases Myleague System to power the Ladder league. CivPlayers is the next evolution of all the hard work that has been dedicated to the MP Community. And because we "stand on the shoulders of giants" we have been able to design and code a new league specifically designed for us in a relatively short time. But feel free to give us feedback in the suggestions section of our forums on how to make the league an even better place for all.

Universal Rules:

General Account Rules:

1. All CivPlayers members must maintain a current and valid email address. This is the only way for the Administration to contact you and for you to receive notifications and potentially resolve any game dispute problems. Any player that is found not to have a valid email will be suspended until the problem is resolved to the Administration’s satisfaction.

2. Only one email can be used by one player. Families/friends/co-workers/students that may have the same IP due to using the same network/LAN still must use different emails.

3. Players are expected to check their league-registered email at least once every 24 hours. Failure to do this leads to Report Disputes and other administrative actions being carried out without your input and the Administration is not mandated to reverse decisions just because a player had relevant information that they failed to provide due to a lack of monitoring your email.

4. CivPlayers is also not responsible if you have not configured your spam filters in your email service to allow CivPlayers emails to arrive in your inbox.  Nor are we responsible if your ISP is falsely identifying our emails as Spam.   

5. Your League user name must be unique, if it is found to be too close to a username already in use you will be asked to change it, or your account will be removed.

6. No user-name will be offensive or abusive towards another league player. Including but not limited to, race, religion, sex, or political affiliation. Offending user names will be removed.

7. Password protection of league games is highly recommended. Hosts should change the passwords they use for their games regularly and only give them out to players that have authenticated their identity in a secure way. In addition players are recommended to password protect their civilization in game to prevent unwanted hotjoining. In case of subbing the leaving player is obliged to give the password to the subbing player though.

8. Players have to authenticate their identity when joining a game(methods will vary by game version played). If the host asks them to login to the league page they have to comply. In case the nickname is already logged in the host can ask the player to logout and login again. If the player fails or refuses to do so he may be booted from the game by the host.

9. All accounts except premium accounts are purged for inactivity after 40 days (specific time is subject to change by the Head Admin) of the last match played. Players are allowed to have only one account. The Administration will be monitoring accounts via various technical systems, to prevent duplicate accounts. Players that may have the same IP due to sharing the same network with family/friends/fellow students/co-workers will have to identify themselves to the Administrators, and cannot play games where wins will be reported between players from the same IP (de facto limiting them to playing team games on the same team). Games where hosts allow these players to play in "cton/ffa" games are doing so at their own risk and the Administrators will not arbitrate any match disputes from games that ignore this rule (authorized Clan Championship Cup players will be the ONLY exception to this rule). Also proxy IP’s are not allowed to be used on the league, players found to be using proxy IP’s will be suspended until they can satisfy the admins as to why they are using one.  Failure to satisfy the admins will result in a permanent ban.  There is no good reason to have a proxy IP and therefore attempting to hid your identity.

10. Do not ever reveal your password for the CivPlayers league or your GameSpy or Steam ID password to anyone. No Admin will ever ask you for it. Be very suspicious of any web page that asks for your password. Validate that its web address belongs to the, and change your password regularly. Make it different than any other gaming league or online service which you use, and always make passwords very difficult to guess. Go to the ‘My Account’ section of the league page and click on ‘Edit Profile’ to change your password.

11. To alleviate the perception that members may be quitting and rejoining the league (under the same or different user name) to avoid bad play records or avoiding reporting old losses, members will have to wait 15 days to rejoin the league. However, we do allow our Premium members to reset their statistics at any time. This is not considered withdrawing and is allowed. At the first infraction against this rule the player is penalized with a suspension that adds up to 15 days combined with the time withdrawn. Further infractions will result in a suspension that gets extended for 7 days more.  At the discretion of an Admin a player may have his stats reset once a year without being a  premium member.

 Hosting Games Rules:

12. The host is responsible for the proper authentication of all the players in the game. If a host fails to do so and a player claims he/she was impersonated, they are given the benefit of the doubt by rules. A host is not obliged to let all players joining a game to play, he may boot players without stating any reason. However, if a player was staging for 10 minutes or more booting the player may result in a suspension up to 7 days for the host. If a player was staging for 10 minutes or more it is considered unsportsmanlike and rude to boot the player, especially when no explanation is given.

13. League games should be named as such clearly in the title of the game (e.g. hostname, League/Ladder, era, game type, such as Player’s League Renaissance Teamer). ).  Even so, any game where all players playing are league players should be considered a league game unless otherwise stated at the beginning of the game. 

14. In all league games all conditions of play must be agreed on at the start of a match by all players. Once the game begins no rule changes including victory conditions, time limits, or game restart conditions are permitted, unless unanimously agreed to by all players. The player agrees to the game conditions and rules by checking in his civilization in the staging room (x’ing in). It is every player’s obligation to check the rules himself, the claim that the settings were wrong is no valid reason to decline a game. The only exception to this is a malicious ‘last second change’ of settings by the host, the burden of proof is on the declining player.

15. If the host crashes and fails to re-appear within the ten minutes time limit, or if the host is eliminated from the game, the remaining players should continue with a newly designated host. Anyone one of the players will pause the game and the players will decide/vote on a new host, this person will have the same powers and responsibilities as the original host for the remainder of the game.

16. While most regular games are organized in the lobby "on the fly" by players that are currently in the lobby, at some point you may want to challenge a specific player in order to move up the skill standings more quickly than you would by playing low or medium ranked players. You may only formally challenge players when you are in the top 25 players. You may also only challenge players that are above you in rank. The challenge has to be played at the latest on a default mandatory date which is 7 days later than the date the challenge was issued. If a player or both fails to arrange for a time to play the challenge, 5% skill will be deducted from both players.  Problems  with arranging the time should be communicated to the other player and CC the Report Dispute Admin so that he can mediate the issues and possibly remove the challenge or remove the 5% skill drop from one or both players.

17. Modified game rules, maps and/or programs or tools that enable a player to manipulate the game are not eligible for league play. Any match where such conduct is suspected will be invalid and any players suspected may be penalized for cheating. The standard penalty is a suspension for 14 days, the suspension may reach 30 days in severe cases. The HA may authorize even longer suspensions and bans on case by case serious offenses.

18. In continuing games (games saved and reloaded, such as PBEM, Pitboss or Epic) the host has a number of important responsibilities. Continuing games must be recorded in the Long Term Multiplayer section in the forum at It is the host's responsibility to maintain this thread. The thread has to include the player's name, their status in the ongoing game and when the game will resume, reflecting time according to the time zones of each player. The forum thread is to ensure there is no confusion on start times and to ensure a permanent record of the game in the event there is a dispute. In addition, an email should be sent by the host to each player provided a link to the thread, and prior to the game resumption a reminder email should be sent to all players. When the game is concluded the ending host should update the thread with the final victor. In the event any player fails to appear after a minimum of 15 minutes following the agreed on start time, the game is counted as a loss to that player. The host should notify the missing player by email of his/her requirement to report a loss.

Taking part in games:

19. Players must make every reasonable effort to complete a game once it has begun. The game is considered to have begun once all players are checked in and the host launches the game. It is not considered acceptable to leave a game because you don't like your start, your prospects of winning, or because a better game becomes available. This can spoil the game experience for the others remaining in the game. Also players should know they are able to dedicate several hours of playtime, or they shouldn't start the game. If you voluntarily quit a game, whatever the reason, you are expected to confirm your loss when the winner reports the game As you will finish last or near to last if there are more than one quitter. 

20. Under the reporting system hosts must report the quitters as part of the game report system, as well as reporting any substitutes(including subs that may not have finished the game).  Quitters will be assigned a % skill drop(value subject to change by the Admin team) on top of any skill deducted as a result of losing in the game.  These quitting stats will also become part of the players permanent record and will very possibly result in additional punishments if the number of recorded quits reaches a specific point.

21. Not joining a reload is considered quitting. The standard penalty for quitting is a suspension of 7 days. Repeated quitting will cause a suspension of 14 days and a skill reduction up to 100 points. Declining a game after a quit will result in a suspension for 7 days. Sometimes, however, the realities of the game and the Internet cause player's computers to freeze, lag out, or crash thus involuntarily disconnecting them from a game. Because of the length of time and commitment involved in a typical game of Civilization, to be fair, and to promote good sportsmanship, we have a 1 drop/alibi policy. Each player (including the host) gets one penalty-free disconnect from the game (so-called one alibi rule). You have 10 minutes to rejoin the game without penalty. If someone leaves a game (for whatever reason), the remaining players have the right to either continue playing the game, scrap the game, concede the game, or allow a substitute after the 10 minute waiting period has passed. A substitute should be of comparable skill points. A substitute is considered comparable if he/she is within a skill frame of +/-100 skill points in comparison to the leaving player. In a team game, the two captains have to agree that a substitute is fair, but the +/- 100 skill points will be the overriding factor. In a non-team game, it requires a unanimous vote of all remaining players. If the players cannot agree to scrap, concede, or to allow a substitute, the game must continue to its conclusion without the missing player(s).

22. If there is a dispute concerning fault following a dropped connection, the host shall ask every player what they saw, and then announce a final determination to grant reprieve or assign the drop. At the host's discretion, based on circumstances and length of game, the host can grant reprieve beyond the one alibi rule. While the one alibi rule is the default league policy, players may choose to discuss alternatives and may agree at the start of their league game on how the winner is determined and exactly what to do if the game crashes. The host and players may agree on a different policy than ‘one alibi’.

23. Sometimes due to connection, software, or human errors, or game bugs, a game cannot be finished. Players have to reassemble in the game lobby, and either agree to report losses based on points held at the time the game ended (if there is a clear winner), or agree to a rematch, at a future time. To end such a game prematurely, referred to as ‘scrapping a game’, the vote must be either unanimous or nearly unanimous (all but one player agrees). Two or three player games cannot be scrapped without unanimous consent. Before scrapping a game, players should make multiple efforts to fix the problem including re-hosting the game, using alternate saves, etc. Any other behaviour than merely calling a vote on scrapping that may urge the other players to abandon the game – such as lagging on purpose, quitting before the vote has been fully carried out, or pressure other players to agree to a scrap – is considered an attempt to force a scrap. Attempting to force a scrap may result in a suspension for up to 30 days.

24. Games can be ‘conceded’ only by unanimous (ALL players of the team have to agree) agreement of the losing team or player, which is different from scrapping, since the loser(s) must still report to the winner(s). The team captain or any other player starts a vote within the team whether to concede or not. If one player wants to continue the game the other players have to play on. Not playing on will be regarded as quitting the game. Players who just leave or quit a game without an appropriate vote to scrap or to concede will be treated as if they have lost the game and will be required to confirm a loss. Furthermore they will be penalized as quitters.

25. However tense a game situation is players should always be aware that insulting other players is not acceptable. Calling other players names and such behaviour may be penalized with a suspension up to 7 days (14 days in severe cases). The standard penalty may be remitted though if the Admin Panel judges that the infraction happened due to the game situation and was minor, it can be extended if the abuse is severe and the HA deems that the standard penalties are not appropriate.

 Reporting Games :

26. In a multiplayer game involving more than 2 players, winners must report the game results (honestly and accurately), using the Report Match link(for your specific league) on the left side menu of the league page. In a duel, the winner simply reports, in a CTON/FFA the overall winner reports the match as indicated by the game scores when the Time Victory condition is displayed, any killed players are reported below surviving players in the order that they were killed with the last killed being ranked below the lowest scoring survivor. In a team game, the Captain or designated player (in the case of a shuffle teamer) on the winning team reports the game based on the team declared the winner on the Time Victory (or other Victory) popup. As well any player or team that completes any other victory condition during the game wins the game despite not having won the time victory, they take first place and all other players/teams are ranked by their score at this point in the game. The losing players/teams are required to log into the league web page and confirm the match results promptly or officially dispute the match so that an the Report Dispute (RD) Admin can process it.

27.  Winners will report duels simply against the loser of the game, there are no subs allowed in duels as a dropped player is not going to be replaced by a sub, the game is simply over.  If the two players want a re-match a new game shall be started.

28. A member of a winning team shall report the game as dictated above(para 26), but now can include players, subs, subs-dnf and quitters.  Subs that finish the game on the winning team will get credited skill just like a normal player, and get a % bonus.  Subs on the losing team as well as all subs that did not finish the game will just get the % bonus.  Quitters on both teams will get a % skill deducted and if they are on the losing team will be penalized in skill as a last place player, or in order of quitter is there is more than one.  Quitters on the winning team will not get the benefit of being on the winning team and will receive the % skill penalty.

29. The winner of a Cton will report the Cton in order of players and subs by score(as dictated in para 26), then quitters in order of when they quit.  And subs that did not finish the game(sub-dnf) can be reported at the end of the list as they will only get the % bonus and are not calculated in the skill distribution.

30. The league will automatically process any matches that are not disputed after 3 days, but please act in a sportsmen-like manner and confirm the other players well deserved victories before then. So if you log in and cannot confirm a loss it means that 50% of the players/team has already confirmed it, or some party has disputed it. Note that players that constantly make other players wait the 3 days will be penalized as well. We expect everyone to fairly use this system with the intent that it was designed for; abusing the system will not be tolerated. Game winners have to ensure that they report the correct names of players when they report games, and never guess at player names. Taking screen shots of the player list is highly recommended. Reporting games without the necessary proof will entitle the RD  Admin to void the game in case of a dispute. On reporting the host should add in the comment to the game whether he followed the authentication methods.

Procedure in case of Game and/ or other Disputes:

31. It is important to note that whatever the dispute the leagues management is the final arbitrator for all disputes and the following policy applies. Every League Admin has the power to suspend a player for so many days (called putting someone in the Penalty Box). The Head Admin (or Vice Admin in his absence) can expel a member (called banning a player). Reasons for such discipline include, but are not limited to: if they are cheating or manipulating the league in anyway, have multiple accounts, their user name is offensive, their email account becomes invalid, they are being abusive to other members excessively, or they are failing to confirm losses consistently. Before banning anyone, the Head Admin will issue at least one warning in writing to the official Email Address of the player being disciplined and that warning will stipulate what conduct was found to be objectionable. The player involved will be given the opportunity to present any evidence or defense they wish. The final determination to ban a player is at the Head Admin's discretion and there is no appeal.

32.If you think that a game was not played and reported according to the league rules you may decline the game and thus force review of the case by the Admin Team. This now includes disagreeing with the host identifying you as a quitter in the game.  Quitters will get automatic emails sent indicating that they were listed as a quitter and giving them the opportunity to dispute that.  In the case of a dispute (which will be indicated by a red "pending inquiry!" in the League Unconfirmed Matches screen, you will be contacted by the RD Admin if required to rule on the match. Declining a game without a valid reason to do so may result in a suspension for 7 days, this includes declining a game for being listed as a quitter when you were properly listed as a quitter.

33. If you must resolve a disagreement with another player, take the discussion into a private chat in the game or with another other chat client. Arguing in the main lobby not only draws snide remarks from other players, but also makes CivPlayers look very unprofessional. If you cannot agree on a course of action file a formal complaint and let the Admin team do a proper investigation. Do not take your case to the "court of public opinion" either in our forums or back in the lobby. Administrators will make every attempt to come to a fair and just decision when reviewing disputes. League members agree to abide by the decision of an Admin. League members are encouraged to present their case for resolution but when a decision is made and ruled upon, the issue should be considered closed unless there are extenuating circumstances. Continued flaming or bashing in the game lobby, chat rooms, email, or forum will be penalized with a suspension for 7 days and, if the player used the forum for it, a suspension of the forum posting privileges for 7 days as well.

34. If you have been penalized with a suspension of at least 7 days or a skill reduction (or in any other case the rules allow a decision by the Admin Panel) and don’t agree with the decision of an Admin, you may bring your case before the Admin Panel for a final decision. The Admin Panel generally consists of three Admins with the Head Admin (or the Vice Head Admin in his absence) as chairman. The Admin who first took the decision shall not be part of the Admin Panel in the specific case unless it would delay the decision otherwise.

35. The Admins and the Admin Panel have to handle the cases according to the Code of Conduct for League Staff Members. The final decision about conflicts concerning a Report Dispute ruling is not taken by the Admin Panel but by the Head Admin alone. The burden of proof is generally on the player that makes a claim that benefits him. In case the claim cannot be proven the Administration will decide against that player. The only exception to this is if there is an explicit rule stating otherwise.

Other Rules :

36. The Head Admin will under no circumstances terminate the league without a 90% affirmative vote of all voting league members. Such a vote to be posted in the CivPlayers forum for no less than 21 days.

37. For specific rules concerning different game types (such as teamers or CTONs or Epic games) please check the advanced rules which deal with these issues.
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