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Author Topic: Congratulation to RUS for winning the 77th Clan Championship Cup !!  (Read 963 times)

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RUS took a well deserved victory in CCC77 after fighting off FLY, YYY and Civfr during Fridays and Saturdays point race, comimg out well on top, and then going on be undefeated in the round robin Finals on Sunday.

And Thanks to Penny for organizing this all for us, and harassing everyone to get this all setup.  And thank you to all the players that returned for a fun weekend of Civ once more.  I'm sure this will not be the last Civ4 CCC.

Congrats to the Players of Clan RUS, OT4E, Bemep, Stasich, [RUS]_Ket_, Warpigg, Ens-entium, MonsterCFR, rus]grek, eugeny7, cast_bender and any other members of RUS that I might have missed.

Well done and now you can sleep :p

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