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Author Topic: CivPlayers FAQ #3 The Report Dispute Process  (Read 4907 times)

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CivPlayers FAQ #3 The Report Dispute Process
« on: October 11, 2010, 01:32:44 AM »
ok since there is alot of new players here, I think it is best to review the game dispute process so everyone is on the same page.

When a report is made by a winner of the game, or winning team member, each player in that game will get a confirmation screen when they next log into the league.

If you feel that the game as reported is not correct you can dispute the game then and there and enter your logical reasons for disputing it.

That sends an email to all players in that game(this is why we have the rule on having valid emails) and to the Admin handling report disputes.(emails are also sent if you are listed as a quiter in a game and you wish to dispute the game because of this)

That admin then waits at least 2 days before reviewing the case, this gives time for all the players in that game to hit "reply to all" in their email program and give their side of the story, either agreeing with the dispute or not agreeing with it and providing their point of view and any evidence, screenshots or saves etc.

If the admin does not recieve any replies it is assumed that the dispute is valid and the game will be deleted, we can not wait forever for players to respond, that is why the league rules also state that players have to monitor their emails daily.

The RD admin then either rules on the case right away, or sends an email to all players in the game asking for more info on a point of contention.  If the case is easily ruled on the game will be either deleted or confirmed as required and you will not get any emails on the subject, if the case is complex the RD admin will send an email stating his decision and the reasons why to all the players.

I think this sums up the process but if you have any questions please ask away.

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