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Re: 2K patch notes
« Reply #15 on: March 01, 2011, 11:40:51 PM »
Released 3/1/2011
•   Significant turn time improvements.
•   Invisible Rivers now display correctly. This caused many issues because the player could not see some rivers, like fresh water showing up in strange places, unit movement suddenly shortened, etc.. Basically, there were certain rivers that did not display where forks occurred, etc.
•   Memory leak – UI – Change the way the UI Manager calculates the hash of a texture so that different ways of specifying the same texture will not load the same texture more than once.
•   Memory leak – DLL – Fix memory leak in DLL Args system

•   Correct coding error that could cause turn-time spikes, incorrect deployments for protected bombard attack, or incorrect deployments as armies marched across the map

•   Add combat summary when a city bombards a unit
•   Add a new diplomatic status "Denouncing" that displays on the turn that an AI civ is denouncing the player
•   Embarked units no longer look like they have 500 strength
•   User warned if about to declare war on a city state that is under protection of a major power

•   Taper off benefit of excess food when building settlers
•   City-States now recognize when a road is connected for their road-connection quest.
•   Golden Ages now provide +20% production per city rather than +1 hammer per tile

•   Prevent AI from building too many AA units
•   Don't allow CSs to build Manhattan Project
•   AI calculation of enemy military might are tweaked based on size of enemy gold reserve
•   AI calculation of enemy power now takes into account promotions

•   Avoid cascades of denunciations against a single player. AI now uses its own current friendliness level with a given power to determine how much weight to place on a denunciation against that power.
•   Denunciations expire after 50 turns
•   Declarations of Friendship expire after 50 turns

•   Added support for policies that provide culture from kills
•   Added support for policies that provide extra culture from cultural improvements
•   Added support for policies that provide extra embarked movement
•   Added support for policies that provide free Great People
•   Online Panel now displays TOTAL downloads for a mod and not just the downloads for that specific version.
•   When you click on a mod in the online browser, you may now use a dropdown to select a previous version.
•   Added Line Control for modders to use when creating graphs, etc.

•   Can now use DLC civilizations in multiplayer
•   Added Ring, Skirmish and Ancient Lake maps to MP.

•   Clear up cases where diplomatic status could show as "Friendly" even after that AI power has denounced the player.
•   Fix situations where AI demeanor and verbiage didn't match friendliness level shown in diplomatic status string.
•   Additional bug fixes and tweaks.


Game Rules
•   Cities must now have three or more tiles in between them (1 more tile than before), unless separated by a sea/coast tile.
•   Cities now only get 1 free production and 0 free gold (1 less in both cases)
•   Trade routes get bonus gold based on population of capital; formula changed a bit so minimal gold received for hooking up very small cities
•   Bonus production from excess food (used when building settlers) tapers off if excess is 3 or more.
•   Allied maritime city states provide 3 food per turn to the capital, not 4
•   Balance pass on production and maintenance costs throughout the game.

•   Aqueduct added (entirely new building). 40% of Food is carried over after a new Citizen is born.
•   Palace boosted to 3 gold and 3 production
•   Granary gives bonus 1 food for Wheat/Banana Deer; cost reduced
•   Market and Bazaar provide 2 gold (as well as +25%)
•   Workshop provides 2 production (bonus reduced to +15% but affects ALL production); cost increased
•   Windmill now has a +15% production modifier (for buildings only) and provides 2 production
•   Stable gives bonus 1 production for Sheep/Cattle/Horse and can be built with Sheep or Cattle; cost reduced
•   Lighthouse gives bonus 1 food for Fish; cost reduced
•   Ironworks dropped to 8 production (but earlier in tech tree now)
•   Factory requires Workshop; add 3 production but boost now just 25%; has 1 more specialist slot (now 2)
•   Nuclear and Solar Plants now require Factory but increase to production is now 35% and provide 4 production themselves; these two now mutually exclusive
•   Hospital adds 5 food (but no longer retains food), requires Aqueduct
•   Forge adds +1 production to each source of Iron
•   Reduced Armory maintenance to 2 gold
•   Reduced Colosseum happiness to 3, and reduced maintenance to 2 gold
•   Reduced Theatre happiness to 4
•   Reduced Monastery maintenance to 0 gold
•   Reduced Garden maintenance to 1 gold
•   Reduced Observatory maintenance to 0 gold
•   Reduced Opera House culture to 4, and reduced maintenance to 2 gold
•   Removed the Great Person Point from Public School

Specialist Adjustments
•   Temple -1 Artist
•   Mud Pyramid Mosque -1 Artist
•   Opera House +1 Artist
•   Bank -1 Merchant
•   Satraps Court -1 Merchant
•   Stock Exchange +1 Merchant
•   Observatory -1 Scientist
•   University +1 Scientist
•   Garden -1 Artist
•   Laboratory -1 Scientist
•   Public School +1 Scientist

•   Production bonus from Railroads reduced to 25%
•   Removed 1 extra gold from Mine on Gems, Gold, Silver, Marble.
•   Fishing Boats give 1 food, not gold.
•   Fishing Boats give 1 gold with Compass.
•   Camps on Deer give production instead of food .
•   Remove 1 extra food from Sugar plantations.
•   Trading Post gold reduced from 2 to 1 (increases back to 2 when hit Economics).
•   Trading Post & Camp gold increases by 1 with Economics.
•   Lumbermill production increases by 1 with Scientific Theory (moved up from Steam Power).
•   Mine & Quarry production increases by 1 with Chemistry.
•   Plantation & Pasture food increases by 1 with Fertilizer.
•   Well & Offshore Platform boosted to 3 production (from 1).
•   Academy increased to 6 Science.
•   Landmark increased to 6 Culture.
•   Manufactory increased to 4 Production.

•   Tradition: Culture border expansion discount in cities placed on Tradition branch opener. Discount increases over the course of the game. Also grants +3 Culture in the capital.
•   Aristocracy: Wonder bonus reduced by 5% to 20%.
•   Legalism: Provides a free Culture building in your first 4 cities.
•   Oligarchy: Garrisoned units cost no maintenance, and cities with a garrison gain +100% ranged combat strength.
•   Landed Elite: +15% Growth, and +2 Food per city.
•   Monarchy: +1 Gold and -1 Unhappiness for every 2 Citizens in your capital.
•   Liberty: +1 culture per turn in every city.
•   Collective Rule: Settler production increased by 50%, and a free Settler appears near the capital.
•   Citizenship: Worker construction rate increased by 25%, and a free Worker appears near the capital.
•   Representation: Each city you found will increase the Culture cost of Policies by 33% less than normal. Also starts a Golden Age.
•   Order: Reduce Order production bonus to 15%.
•   Meritocracy: +0.5 Happiness for each city connected to the capital, and a free Great Person of your choice appears near the capital.

•   Fish reduced to 1 food (but can be boosted back to 2 with Lighthouse)
•   Marble boosts wonder production by 20%, down from 25%

•   Scaled up tech costs throughout the game (slight change for early eras; close to double for Modern)
•   Move Lumbermills up to Construction
•   Move Bridge Building back to Engineering
•   Move Ironworks to Machinery

•   Workboat cost increased
•   Settler cost increased by 25%

•   Colossus no longer goes obsolete
•   Angkor Wat now provides a 25% discount for the costs (both culture and gold) to gain plots empire-wide.

Civ Unique Bonuses
•   Reduce Chu-ko-nu from 10 to 9 ranged strength
•   Doubled culture from kills for Aztecs
•   Krepost now provides a 25% discount for the costs (both culture and gold) to gain plots in the city.
•   Paper Maker only provides 2 gold but no longer requires any building maintenance

Map Generation Changes
•   Increased Oil quantity per resource.
•   Minimum Uranium is now 2.
•   Cut Deer Appearance in Arctic regions.
•   Adjusted Sheep placement so it is more spread out.
•   Decreased Wheat appearance in Plains.
•   Increases Cow appearance overall, including adding up to 2 Cow tiles to heavy grass start positions
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Re: 2K patch notes
« Reply #16 on: March 29, 2011, 02:25:05 AM »
The notes have been added, which is a small patch to add support for Korean localization.
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Re: 2K patch notes
« Reply #17 on: April 29, 2011, 02:34:48 AM »
Released 4/28/2011

    Economic AI: Tweaks to improve the number of workers built.
    Diplo AI: Correct minor error in calculation by AI to decide if it wants to join a coop war.
    City Strategy AI: Fix flavor broadcast to cities just after they are founded. Player level adjustments since start of game weren't being copied over to the new city.
    Operational AI: If AI sees that WarState is Calm (i.e. no one has troops near enemy lands), still consider launching an attack if overall military strengths are at least even.
    Operational AI: Enhancements to more sensibly pick city from which to launch a naval invasion.
    Operational AI: Slightly relax requirements for naval invasion to be on target (to get them onshore and attacking sooner).
    Operational/Tactical AI: Fix to movement/deployment for naval invasion forces.
    Operational/Tactical AI: Improved weighting and selection of muster and target cities for city attack operations.
    Tactical AI: Early game AI tweak to allow occasional sneak attack.
    Tactical AI: Improvements in civilian and embarked units targeting.
    Tactical AI: Units with defensive embarkation had a combat strength when embarked and were being considered for tactical moves (like making ranged attacks) that they weren't actually eligible for.
    Tactical AI: Improved the logic of how units are chosen for tactical moves so embarked units can now drop into place on land as flanking units, bombard units, etc.
    Tactical AI: Changes to more effectively use Great Generals offensively.
    Tactical AI: Citadels now project danger.
    Tactical AI: Units defending citadels are high priority targets; AI will prioritize trying to take these spaces.
    Tactical AI: AI will now pillage undefended citadels.
    Tactical AI: Be wary when approaching an enemy city; don't close on it if enemy clearly has superiority.
    Diplo AI: Make sure the diplomacy AI doesn't declare war on someone they are already at war with. Prevents confusing pop ups.
    Operational AI: AI will now correctly abort operations against a player that were started during a war (like gathering a new attack), but could execute after a peace treaty was declared. This corrects the occasional “AI declared war during a peace treaty” issue.
    Operational AI: Fix muster radius for gathering a naval invasion. Invasions won't get stuck trying to gather and will get moving to target sooner now.
    Operational AI: Don't allow nuke attacks on tiles that will break a peace treaty.
    Homeland AI: Make sure that flavor settings don't prevent workers from building improvements. This would cause some AI players to have large amounts of unimproved space in later parts of the game.
    Homeland AI: Fixed a problem that was causing workers to ignore pillaged non-resource and bonus resource tiles.


    Fixed an issue that was not allowing the Americas building set to display properly.
    If a 3D leaderhead scene cannot be created, fallback to 2D.
    Update to river color, texture, and shader.


    Units: Stealth Bombers can now get promotions.
    Units: Add “Fortify until Healed” option for aircraft. Before, they only healed when inactive, which could cause confusion for the player.
    Units: Prevent units with the "No Melee" promotion from capturing cities (archers, catapults, etc.).
    Units: Air units must be in a city to upgrade, and no sneaky "I'm on a carrier in the city" either.
    Units: Fixed a problem that was allowing units to upgrade in territories that were not their own.
    Terrain Improvements: Allow Moai to be built over top of resources.
    Terrain Improvements: Correct an issue that resulted in double resources if you founded a city on top of an improved resource plot.
    Yields: Fix a load order problem where the lake bonus is not applied to a farm after loading an existing save.
    City Management: When selling a building, ensure that all citizens are properly removed.
    City Management: When assigning a specialist to a building, make sure we don't accidentally assign more citizens than we have available.
    City Management: Fix for an issue that was causing workers to go missing when population went down.
    City Management: After the citizen is removed from working, adjust the unassigned worker count before subtracting from the total population. There were rare situations that could cause the worker to disappear.
    Culture: Keep the current culture level of the city after it is captured. The culture production will go to 0, but the culture level must remain the same or else a large city will be able to acquire tiles at the same rate as a smaller city.
    Exploit: Removed ability to gain additional free settlers/workers by gaming the policy system.
    Units: City States in games started in the industrial/modern era now correctly produce workers as needed.


    Pre-Game: The tooltips for unique items in the Loading screen no longer show up until AFTER loading has finished, preventing potential “stuck” UI.
    Pre-Game: Prevented escape key from being used to corrupt starting parameters while starting a tutorial game.
    Pre-Game: Multi-player maps added to Single-player as well.
    Pre-Game: Fixed a rounding issue in the options menu so that values are always integer based for the tooltip delay.
    Pre-Game: Using ":" in a save filename is no longer considered valid since Windows does not allow this. Players could potentially use this character in a save name without knowing that the file was not created when they exited the dialog.
    Notifications: Fix notifications that arise after a city is liberated so they show the name properly.
    Notifications: Extra DOF expiration notifications removed.
    Notifications: Notifications for denouncement or friendship are only displayed if the active player has met one of the teams.
    Tool-tips: Tooltips for worker/workboat build recommendations now build dynamically by looking at tile yields for these improvements: camp, pasture, farm, mine, trading post, fishing boats, custom house and manufactory.
    Tool-tip: Plot Mouse Over text for Natural Wonders will now display the culture yield as if it was in your borders and being worked, similar to how other yields are displayed.
    Mod Browser: Mod Browser panels now reset their scroll value when a new mod is selected.
    New Addition: Resource Panel integrated into upper-left Info Panel UI.
    New Addition: Specialist slots in buildings are now shown in the info tooltip for both the tech tree, production popup, and Civilopedia.
    Combat Preview: "Bonus VS Cities" is now renamed to "Penalty VS Cities" when it's < 0.
    Combat Preview: Fix bonus display issue when bombarding an enemy unit (if enemy had bonuses that required “friendly” territory, it would show up in the preview even though they were obviously in enemy territory).
    Combat Preview: Show Oligarchy Garrisoned Unit bonus for city ranged attacks.
    City Screen: City Growth meter within the City screen now displays the correct amount.
    City Screen: Fix the display of the current research progress UI, which made research estimates appear to be incorrect.
    In-Game: Fix the display of the movement cost for units that can embark.
    In-Game: Fixed a rounding issue in the military overview (actually, a lack of rounding issue).
    In-Game: Properly hide the Aircraft selection UI if hidden from view (fog of war, etc.).
    In-Game: City State's "Quest" icon is now hidden if that City State is at war with your team.
    In Game: City banner now displays different tooltip for puppet cities that are not owned by the player.
    In Game: Top Panel now differentiates between unhappiness from regular population and unhappiness from specialists.
    In-Game: Selecting a unit in the military overview will now select that unit, selecting it twice will now move the camera to it.
    Victory: Fix UI display of Diplomatic Victory votes (it was displaying votes from dead Civs/City States).
    Victory: UN Voting and Results screens now have better support for team games.
    Multiplayer: Human players no longer show an approachability type since that was meant for AI.
    Multiplayer: Multiplayer diplomacy w/ teams no longer has overlapping text.
    Diplomacy: There's now a confirmation dialog when you publicly denounce a civ.
    Diplomacy: Player cannot publicly denounce a civ multiple times in the same turn.
    Unit Panel: Fixed an erroneous display of a needed upgrade resource if the needed resource quantity was 0 and you are running a deficit on that resource (negative return value).
    Production: In UI for national wonders that have a prereq building, don't list each individual city that needs the building if the prereq doesn't have to be in EVERY city in the empire. Instead just continue to show the count.
    Production: City connected by railroad production bonus now correctly displays across all UI.
    Civilopedia: Multiple updates to Civilopedia functionality and accuracy.
    Pre-Game: Civillization Name in Load Menu is now truncated if it's too large.


    Don't allow research agreements if one party has finished the tech tree.
    Correct opinion code so we can get outcomes of friendly or allied.
    Fix the AI's deal adjustment so that it doesn't accidentally treat your luxury items as strategic items. This essentially prevented the AI from ever countering the deal with a request for a strategic resource from the other player. It just re-submitted the counter offer, requesting more luxury items, which the player could not see. If accepted, the player would realize too late that all their luxury resources were gone.


    Map Resize: Added controls for adding and removing rows of hexes from the top, build, left, or right of a map.
    Added default “map size” drop-down so that players can set the default number of Civs that they want to play on a map.
    Fix permanent war setting in the WB so that it reflects properly in the game.


    Support for disabling the Happiness system.
    Support for disabling the Science/Research system.
    Support for disabling Social Policy acquisition.
    Support for disabling the Tutorial system.
    Properly initialize citizens and trade routes when loading for a scenario with a preexisting empire.
    Correct a problem with the awarding of contacts with minor civs in games created from WB scenarios.
    Add "CityCanConstruct" Lua hook.
    Exposed LoadString to Lua scripts.


    Fixed issue for Lancer that was stopping the Model of a Modern Major-General achievement from firing.
    Fixed issue with building type comparison that was keeping the Tomb Raider achievement from firing.
    Fixed issue that was keeping the Barbary Coast achievement from firing.
    Fixed issue with the Flying Fortress achievement that would cause it to fire when the action was performed by an AI player.
    Fixed issue with the God is Great achievement that would cause it to fire when the action was performed by an AI player.


    Mongol: Disable all victory conditions except domination.
    Disable tutorial across all Scenarios.


    Additional nil checking to prevent possible Lua crashes due to invalid data in the HoF database.
    Tighten up decal culling to reduce the number of decals rendered per cell (Scroll crash).
    Fix to "Moai on the edge of the map" crash.
    Prevent CvDiplomacyAI:oUpdateEstimateOtherPlayerMilitaryThreats from doing a divide by 0 (caused by a city having more damage that hit points).
    Added in additional protections against using invalid player IDs that were causing crashes in community provided saves.
    Fix bad cast of PlayerType to TeamType (and resulting crash).
    Fix random map selection in multiplayer, which could cause a crash.
    Additional crash protections

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Re: 2K patch notes
« Reply #18 on: June 27, 2011, 11:41:28 PM »

June/July Patch Notes

    Happy Friday everyone! Friday is already an awesome day of the week, but I am here to make this one just that much better, and the way I'm going to do that is by giving you the full patch notes for the upcoming patch.

    As has started to become tradition, these notes come with an intro straight from the devs' own mouth (well, email client):

    Quote Originally Posted by Dev Team
    Greetings from the Civ V team! Another couple of months have passed, and the team has been busy continuing to refine and improve the game based on your feedback. Aside from the already-announced additions of Hot-Seat and Replays, an entire balance pass has been integrated into the game. New features, gameplay systems, and Diplomacy modifiers have all been added. AI refinements continue as well, and the AI is now better than ever at challenging the player. As we move into summer, we’ll continue to bring new and exciting additions to Civ V, including improvements to Multiplayer, and other core areas of the game. Your continued engagement and feedback is what drives the team to keep working, and to make Civ V everything that our fans expect, and for that, we thank you.
    And before anyone asks, the ETA is still the same as before: late June or possibly early July.


        Pacing has received a large amount of work. Expect to have more of a challenge managing your empire at higher difficulty levels than you did before. Consider dropping a difficulty level if you have problems.
        Existing saves will work correctly. However, the balance pass may make your existing happiness lower than expected when loading into your existing save post-patch.


        Civilopedia now available in the Main Menu (under “Other”)
        Replay is now available at the end of the game, and through the main menu. You can choose Map, Graphs, and turn-by-turn. Only games played post-patch will apply.
        Great People progress UI addition (upper-left Info Corner UI).
        Combat preview for Aircraft UI addition.
        Fixed aircraft UI issue causing the aircraft selection UI to duplicate itself when rebasing aircraft.
        When loading save game files, you can now order the list by name, or last modified.
        Fix aircraft UI bug that was causing Nuclear Missiles and Atomic Bombers to leave behind container UI after it’s destroyed. (Added 6/24)
        Removed dead players from Demographics UI. (Added 6/24)


        Made backstab routine more transparent (the dialog will clearly state that they are backstabbing you).
        AI now remembers when it has been nuked, for a permanent diplomatic penalty.
        AI now recognizes a player that captured their capital for a permanent diplomatic penalty.
        End declaration of friendship as soon as war is declared (so can't later get a notification that it has expired).
        AI remembers if you satisfied one of their requests (positive modifier, decays over time, based on value of items granted).
        AI remembers if you fought against a common foe (positive modifier, decays over time, based on damage done to the common foe).
        Track trades between players and allow that to positively influence relationships (the better the deal for the AI, the stronger the modifier). Particularly useful for bribing a hostile AI.


        Rebalanced AI flavors and strategies for unit training to improve AI army composition and build choices.
        Allow the AI to consider Pikeman units for offensive roles when they can't build Swordsman or Longswordsman.
        Allow Alexander and Darius to consider Hoplites and Immortals for offensive roles in early game.
        AI players may now use a Great General in early rushes on higher difficulties.
        Modified flavor tags for Atomic Bomb and Nuclear Missile so AI builds them only when it decides it specifically wants Nukes.
        Block City States from building carriers, atomic weapons.
        Strategies for building mobile units now persist into Modern era to help AI decisions for when to build tanks and modern armor.
        Dampen early game Grand Strategies to give the AI time to expand (AI were sometimes stuck in a single city until late in the game).
        Victory adjustments to AI behaviors, including alternate victory paths as “back-ups” (for example, building the Apollo Program, even if they are not going for a Spaceship victory).
        Revise code calculating recommended army size (using smaller armies if the threat is low).
        Correct issue that was causing late-game continent-bound AI’s to over-build units intending to invade, and never properly execute the amphibious invasion.
        Scale recommended army sizes based on difficulty level.
        AI grand strategy and flavor weighting balance pass.
        AI policy choice weighting balance pass.
        AI tech choice weighting balance pass.


        Player is now given the option to return a CS worker that they free from barbarians.
        Roads under captured cities no longer charge maintenance.
        Machu Picchu no longer destroyed when capturing a city containing Machu Picchu.
        Fixed Oligarchy bug that was causing the effect to expire when loading from a save. (Added 6/24)


        Multiplayer AI is now consistent with Single Player AI.
        Hot-Seat is now available through the multiplayer menu.
            You can have as many humans playing as available slots in the game.
            Password protection is built in.
            All maps, including purchased and user-created, are available to play in Hot-Seat.
            While play-by-email is not yet implemented, we did include an in-between turn saving option for those that want to play via email.


        Policy “Finishers” added to all 10 policy trees. Taking all policies in a tree will grant an additional bonus effect. See policy notes below for more information.
        Tweaked Policy cost formula (cheaper earlier, more expensive later).
        Reduced per-city Policy cost increase by 50%.
        Culture from City States tweaked (less early, more later).
        Killing a barbarian for a city state now gives 12 influence (was 5).
        Production cost adjustments for units/buildings/wonders (mostly a little cheaper, much cheaper late game).
        Unhappiness per city increased to 3 from 2.
        All great person tile improvements now connect all strategic resources.
        Reduced Culture from Goody Huts to 20 from 30.
        Defense penalty and city assault bonus promotions are now lost with upgrade.
        Research agreements now give a tech boost instead of a free tech. Tech boosts start at 50% of the median value of all techs you can research. Can be boosted to 100% if you both start Rationalism and build the Porcelain Tower.

    Terrain, Resources, and Improvements

        New bonus resource: Stone (+1 production, improved with a Quarry). See the Stone Works building note below for additional details.
        Map generation improvements to integrate Stone into production-poor terrain, reducing the temporary usage of Cows. Additionally, will switch grass bonus resources from Cows to Stone when production is needed.
        Marsh and Fallout terrain penalty reduced from -33 to -15.
        Academy yield increases with Scientific Theory.
        Customs House yield increases with Economics.
        Manufactory yield increases with Chemistry.
        Marble wonder production mod reduced to 15%.
        Luxury resources now give 4 Happiness, down from 5.
        Remove penalty for improving Tundra, Snow and Desert.
        Railroad improvement now takes 3 turns, down from 7.
        Scrub Fallout now takes 2 turns, down from 5.
        Repair improvement now takes 2 turns, down from 3.
        Well improvements now remove jungle/forest/marsh.


        New building: Stone Works: +1 Happiness and +1 production, and +1 production for each source of Marble and Stone worked. Requires Marble or Stone.
        Burial Tomb now correctly has an Artist slot.
        Mud Pyramid Mosque reduced 1 Culture.
        Circus moved to Trapping.
        Forge maintenance reduced 1 gold.
        Windmill production modifier reduced 5% to 10%.
        Monastery base Culture reduced from 3 to 2. Per resource Culture unchanged.
        Mint gold per resource reduced by 1 gold.
        Colosseum maintenance reduced by 1 gold, Happiness reduced by 1.
        Theatre maintenance reduced by 1 gold, Happiness reduced by 1.
        Stadium maintenance reduced by 1 gold, Happiness reduced by 1.
        Broadcast tower cultural modifier reduced to 33% but now gives 3 Culture.
        Armory maintenance reduced by 1 gold and moved to Machinery.
        Military academy maintenance reduced by 2 gold.
        Arsenal moved to rifling and now provides city defense instead of unit production.
        Walls now gives 4 Defense (was 5).
        Walls of Bablylon now give 6 Defense (was 7.5).
        Mughal Fort now gives 6 Defense (was 9).
        Castle now gives 4 Defense (was 7.5).
        University maintenance reduced by 1 gold and now gives a 33% boost to science instead of 50% (will increase to 50% after adopting Free Thought Policy).
        Military Academy now requires Armory instead of Barracks.
        Arsenal now requires Castle instead of Military Academy.
        Military Base now requires Arsenal.
        Wat now requires Library.
        Mud Pyramid Mosque now requires Monument.
        Harbor naval production reduced 10% but now increases sea resources yield by 1 hammer.
        Seaports no longer require a sea resource, they now require a Harbor. Production per sea resource reduced by 1 hammer.
        Factory production increased by 1 hammer but modifier decreased to 10%.
        Solar/Nuclear plant cost greatly reduced.
        Solar/Nuclear plant production increased by 1 hammer but modifier decreased to 15%.
        Public School science per population reduced by 50% and now provides a flat 3 science.
        Research Laboratory modifier reduced by 50% but now gives a flat 4 science.
        Workshop production modifier reduced by 5%.
        Barracks, Armory, Military Academy and Krepost now provide experience to all units trained.


        National College moved to Philosophy and reduced by 2 science.
        Oxford University now gives 3 additional science.
        Great Lighthouse now also provides a free Lighthouse in the city where it was built.
        Great library now gives 3 additional science, and provides a free Library in the city where it was built.
        Porcelain tower now additionally increases the Science granted when completing Research Agreements by 50%.
        Hermitage moved to Acoustics and much cheaper to build. Now requires Opera Houses but gives only a 50% boost to Culture.
        Stonehenge Culture reduced to 6 from 8.
        Pyramids worker speed increase reduced to 25% from 50% but now give a free Worker when built
        Hanging Gardens now give 10 Food instead of 1 population per city and Happiness.
        Great Wall now obsoletes with Dynamite instead of metallurgy and gives 3 Culture. Additionally, a free Wall is provided in the city where it was built.
        Hagia Sophia great person modifier reduced to 25% from 34%, and gives a free Great Person of your choice.
        Eiffel Tower now give 5 Happiness plus 1 for every 2 Policies adopted.
        Chichen Itza now grants an additional 4 Happiness.
        Machu Picchu trade route gold increased by 5% and also gives a flat 5 gold.
        The Colossus now gives an additional 5 gold.
        Notre Dame now gives 10 Happiness, up from 5, and 3 Culture.
        Sistine Chapel Culture modifier reduced from 33% to 25%.
        Kremlin global city defense mod reduced to 25% from 50% but now gives 12 defense in the city where it's built.
        Cristo Redentor Policy discount reduced from 25% to 10% but now gives 4 Culture.
        Pentagon upgrade cost reduced to 33% from 50% but now gives 3 Culture.
        Sydney Opera House moved to Mass Media and gives 50% Culture in the city where it's built plus 4 Culture.
        Big Ben hurry modifier reduced to 15% from 25% but now gives a flat 4 gold.
        Himeji bonus reduced to 15% from 25%, and provides a free Castle in the city where it was built.
        Forbidden Palace now provides -10% unhappiness from Citizens in non-occupied Cities. (Added 6/24)

    Civilization Unique Abilities

        Arabia: Bazaar now gives 2 gold on oil/oasis.
        America: Remove river start bias.
        America: Increase plot buy modifier to 50% from 25%.
        China: Great General trait reduced to 50% from 100%.
        Babylon: Great Scientist trait reduced to 50% from 100%.
        Germany: Now receives a 25% discount on land unit maintenance.
        Ottoman: Now receives a 67% discount on naval unit maintenance, and can upgrade Galley’s to Trireme’s.


        Liberty and Autocracy are no longer mutually exclusive.
        Freedom, Autocracy and Order are now mutually exclusive.
            Aristocracy now provides +15% Production when building Wonders down from 20%.
            Landed Elite now provides 1 Happiness at every 10 Citizens in each City.
            Tradition Finisher: +15% Growth and +2 Food in each city.
            Meritocracy: +1 Happiness for each city connected to your capital, and -5% Unhappiness from citizens in non-occupied cities.
            Republic now adds an additional 5% building production modifier.
            Liberty Finisher: Great Person of your choice.
            Honor Opener now additionally provides Culture for each barbarian killed.
            Warrior Code now also gives 15% melee unit production.
            Military Caste now provides +1 Happiness and +2 Culture for each city with a garrison.
            Professional Army now reduces cost of upgrading units by 33% and provides +1 Happiness per defensive building (Walls, Castle, Arsenal, Military base).
            Honor Finisher: Grants gold for each enemy unit killed.
            Piety Opener now provides a 15% production bonus on Culture buildings.
            Free Religion now provides only 1 free Policy but increases the Culture from Monuments, Temples and Monasteries by 1.
            Organized Religion now gives 1 Happiness per Monument, Temple and Monastery.
            Reformation now increases Culture in all cities with a Wonder by 33%, and starts a Golden Age.
            Theocracy now increase gold yield by 10% in cities with a Temple.
            Piety Finisher: -10% Culture cost of future Policies.
            Scholasticism reduced from 33% to 25%
            Patronage Finisher: Causes other players’ influence with City States to decrease 33% more per turn than usual.
            Naval Tradition policy now also gives +1 moves to embarked units.
            Commerce Finisher: +1 Gold per Specialist.
            Rationalist Opener now increases the Science granted when completing Research Agreements by 50%. Stacks with Porcelain Tower.
            Free Thought now also increases University science yield by 17%
            Humanism now also affects Public Schools and Observatories.
            Rationalism Finisher: +1 Gold from Science buildings.
            Freedom Opener now provides 25% Great Person Points in all cities.
            Democracy now provides -50% Unhappiness per Specialist.
            Constitution now provides +2 Culture per Wonder.
            Free Speech now provides 8 maintenance free units.
            Freedom Finisher: +100% yield from Great Tile Improvements and increase length of Golden Ages by 50%.
            Police State now provides 3 Happiness per Courthouse, and reduces the time it take to build Courthouses by 50%.
            Total War now provides +15% Production when building Military Units and +15 XP for new units.
            Autocracy Finisher: 30 turn attack bonus of +20%.
            Order Opener now provides +1 Happiness per City.
            Socialism and Planned Economy swapped places.
            Socialism buff to 15% reduction in building maintenance from 10%.
            Planned Economy now increases Science yield by 25% in cities with a Factory.
            Communism now provides 2 Production and 10% Production towards buildings in each city.
            Order Finisher: +1 Food/Production/Science/Gold/Culture per city.
        United Front – Militaristic City States now grant units twice as often when you are at war with a common foe. (Added 6/24)


        Reduced cost of Calendar, Civil Service, Iron Working, Gunpowder, Rifling and Dynamite.
        Scaled up costs of all sciences starting in the mid-renaissance era and on (larger increases later on).
        Metal Working requires Construction.
        Railroad now requires Dynamite.
        Radar now requires Combustion.
        Globalization requires Computers, and the cost is increased.
        Computers require Radar.
        Particle Physics no longer requires Globalization (Space victory now possible without overlapping Diplomatic victory).
        Future Tech requires Globalization.
        Tech Aesthetics: moved Dynamite and all future technologies around by 1 position for better alignment.


        Destroyers no longer start with extra sight.
        Extra Sight promotions are now lost with upgrade (Caravel).
        Great General promotion spawning effectiveness reduced by 50%.
        Mohawk Jungle/Forest bonus reduced to 25% from 50%.
        Gunship anti-armor promotions now work correctly.
        Jaguar now gets Woodsman promotion.
        Minuteman now start with Drill I.
        Mohawk Warriors no longer require Iron.
        Carriers no longer require Oil.
        Destroyer moved to Combustion.
        Mechanized infantry moves reduced from 4 to 3.
        Galley now upgrades to Trireme.
        Ironclad now upgrades to Battleship.
        +1 moves for Tank, Panzer, Modern Armor, with no sight penalty.
        Increased combat strength of siege weapons to 50% of their ranged strength, increased intrinsic city attack promotions (10%/30% -> 20%/50%).
        Increased Incan slinger combat strength slightly.
        Increased Crossbowman and Chu-Ko-Nu combat and ranged strength.
        Decreased Longswordsman, Fighter, Bomber, Guided Missile, Jet Fighter and corresponding UUs strength.
        Removed Mandekalu Cavalry city attack bonus promotion (but still has no penalty).
        Reduced Tank, Panzer, Modern Armor to lower tier city attack penalty (-25%, instead of -33%).
        Aztec Culture from kills now stacks with new Honor Policy branch opener for double Culture killing barbarians.
        Boosted Chariot Archer to strength 4 and ranged 7 (Egypt War Chariot as well).
        Drop combat value of Berserker and Huscarl to match Longswordsman.


        Fixed a bug in Lua where "Events.<SomeEvent>.Remove" was not behaving correctly.
        (Lua) Added GameEvents.CityCanBuyAnyPlot(ownerID, cityID) (TestAll)
        (Lua) Added GameEvents.CityCanBuyPlot(ownerID, cityID, plotX, plotY) (TestAll)
        (Lua) Added GameEvents.CityCanCreate(ownerID, cityID, projectTypeID); (TestAll)
        (Lua) Added GameEvents.CityCanMaintain(ownerID, cityID, processTypeID); (TestAll)
        (Lua) Added GameEvents.CityCanPrepare(ownerID, cityID, specialistTypeID); (TestAll)
        (Lua) Added GameEvents.CityCanTrain(ownerID, cityID, unitTypeID); (TestAll)
        (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerAdoptPolicy(playerID, policyTypeID); (Hook)
        (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerAdoptPolicyBranch(playerID, policyBranchTypeID); (Hook)
        (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerCanAdoptPolicy(playerID, policyTypeID); (TestAll)
        (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerCanAdoptPolicyBranch(playerID, policyBranchTypeID); (TestAll)
        (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerCanConstruct(playerID, buildingTypeID); (TestAll)
        (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerCanCreate(playerID, projectTypeID); (TestAll)
        (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerCanEverReseearch(playerID, techtypeID); (TestAll)
        (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerCanMaintain(playerID, processTypeID); (TestAll)
        (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerCanPrepare(playerID, specialistTypeID); (TestAll)
        (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerCanResearch(playerID, techTypeID); (TestAll)
        (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerCanTrain(playerID, unitTypeID); (TestAll)
        (Lua) Added GameEvents.TeamSetHasTech(teamID, techID); (Hook)
        It's now possible to have the tech tree "dead end" where the final technology is not repeatable.
        New graph datasets used by the replay viewer can be added by mods.
        Action Icons now use the database in the same way as other icons instead of using ActionIcons.lua.

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Re: 2K patch notes
« Reply #19 on: June 28, 2011, 08:53:03 PM »
looks great and sounds great from the feedback at 2k forums would be cool if i could rejoin c5 league and actually try it out :(

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Re: 2K patch notes
« Reply #20 on: June 29, 2011, 12:09:25 AM »
looks great and sounds great from the feedback at 2k forums would be cool if i could rejoin c5 league and actually try it out :(

Your Steam ID is released now Bantams, feel free to join and get your but kicked :p

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Re: 2K patch notes
« Reply #21 on: June 29, 2011, 04:46:37 AM »
Wow, I can't believe they improved the Aztecs/Jaguar more.  Aztecs and their UU are very underrated.  Did you know that if you upgrade your Jag to a longsword or swordsman, they retain the heal ability after killing another unit?  Now they get woodsman I as well.
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Re: 2K patch notes
« Reply #22 on: July 01, 2011, 07:56:07 PM »
Hotseat is fubarr the other player can see youre resources and wonders nut many wanted to use this as PBEM and in its current state its completely useless!

not that I would ever play HS or pbem

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Re: 2K patch notes
« Reply #23 on: July 01, 2011, 08:22:05 PM »
Dennis Shirk already posted at CFC that they have an internal hotfix for that, it just has to go threw 2K QA before being released.

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Re: 2K patch notes
« Reply #24 on: July 13, 2011, 12:15:30 AM »

- Hot-Seat: Refresh resource icons for each player so that you cannot see another players resource icons above the fog. This also allowed you to see the location of a natural wonder discovered by another player as well. Both have been addressed with this fix.
- Hot-Seat: Fix auto-save issue that was causing “Next Turn” hangs on re-load when players had no AI in the match.
- Policies: Fix an issue that was causing policy finishers to count against the cost of the next policy (should be free).
- UI: Map Options panel now works correctly for both multi-player and single player.
- Modding: Fix problem that caused errors when starting WorldBuilder.
- Modding: Fix problem causing WorldBuilder maps loaded as scenarios to always load the first leader slot instead of the selected leader.
- Exploit: Close exploit that allowed a user to “sell” a free building for gold each turn without losing the building.
- Multiplayer: Because of a hot-seat change, the chat window would end your turn every time a user hit “enter” after typing something in chat. This is now corrected.
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Re: 2K patch notes
« Reply #25 on: September 07, 2011, 11:56:51 PM »
[HOT-FIX]  No version Change....

- "Please Wait" hang. There can be certain situations where an automated or sleeping unit is activated by the presence of an enemy unit. When this happens, the "End Turn" button incorrectly displays "Please Wait" rather than "Unit Needs Orders", giving the player the appearance that the game is hung. This has been corrected.
- Corrections to Korean and Japanese legal screen functionality.
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