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Author Topic: Enforcement of Rules  (Read 880 times)

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Enforcement of Rules
« on: July 12, 2010, 02:39:46 AM »
I will admit with everything that we have going on, and the fact that many admins also take vacations during the summer, that some complaints in the mailroom have gone unprocessed.

And to go back now, and try and get evidence or even players that remmeber the events is very problematic.

And recently we have started to enforce the rules that never went away, but that some players seem to have forgotten exist.  OT4E has boxed several players recently and rightly so.

But I am willing to give these players a general amnesty on their current punishment due to the fact that we have not been vigenlent in enforcing the rules equally on all players. 

But after this and from now on we will not tolerate players that, quit games, try and force illegal scraps, illegal conceeding, or sabotaging team games, or insulting and degrading other players.

Remember that the league exists on two major premises, we do not cheat or quit, and we treat other players with respect.

So try and remember that you are not the only players dedicating his time to play a computer game, every other player is as well, and please respect their frree time as well as your own.

So don't be susprised to find that you are suspended from now on for what are clear violations of these basic concepts, you are free of course to appeal any suspension to myself.  But you had best come with some convincing reasons for your behaviour as I that the admins do not suspend players on a whim, they do it because there is convincing evidence or they witnessed your behaviour first hand.

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