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Forum Rules
« on: February 18, 2010, 03:09:33 PM »
Rules of Conduct and Behavior for CivPlayers League.

1. This is a family community, and all content, comments, signatures, graphics, and remarks on this board must be no more than 'PG' in nature. Anything deemed inappropriate will be removed immediately. This includes the Off-Topic forum, though a slightly less restrictive environment will be in place there. Please note that avatar images and animations must also follow this rule.

2. Please be (relatively) polite and civil to each other at all times. Joking around is one thing; pointlessly smearing someone in every post because you dont like them is another. FLAMING is not tolerated. No personal attacks. You can criticize someone's ideas or actions, but not their parentage nor self-worth. We fully expect people to disagree frequently but rule #1 still applies. This community represents the best, brightest, and finest CIV Multiplayer experience available treat each other accordingly.

3. Please work very hard to keep threads on topic. Particularly in the months immediately after release, there is going to be a lot of traffic on these boards. People looking for information don't want to sort through five off-topic posts.

4. Spamming will be dealt with ruthlessly. Although this will be less enforced in the off-topic area, mindless post-count improvers are unacceptable. Pointless threads are not welcome here.

5. Please avoid posting the same material in multiple forums. They all get read; if you have a great idea, post it in suggestions, and if you have a complaint, post it there. Don't post in five different areas that doesn't increase visibility; it just increases ire.

6. If you wish to accuse someone of cheating or unsportsmanlike play, the proper place to do so is in an email to an administrator. Posting the accusation here and taking it to the court of public opinion will be stopped immediately, and repeated attempts will carry a penalty. (It also annoys the administrators, who are human, and therefore somewhat less likely to agree with you because you're making their life more difficult by breaking this rule.)

7. The word of board moderators and administrators is final on board conduct. If you have a problem with a decision made on these boards, you may appeal directly to the Head Administrator. Any inappropriate conduct (particularly those mentioned in Rule 6) will very likely carry a penalty.

8. Any posts advertising competing Multiplayer leagues will be removed immediately, and an immediate punishment placed upon the poster. You don't see Coca-Cola signs on a Pepsi factory, so don't advertise competing services here. Advertising related sites such as Apolyton or Creative Game Design (modding community) is acceptable.

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