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League FFA
« on: November 15, 2009, 10:50:39 PM »
Hi and welcome to the league!

Chances are you have just joined the league to play the format League FFA which I will be hosting over the next few days possibly weeks.

The boards can be a lot to read so I wish to summarize a few quick points to help to your transition to league play be a quick and safe one :)

1:) What does it mean to be a league player?

The basic premise of the league is to facilitate players finding each other, who are devoted to Civilization IV, so they may compete in a sportsman-like manner. Our philosophy is play hard, but play fairly. It is NOT winning at any cost. Respecting other players, no matter their skill or standings on the ladder, is the cornerstone of this community; treat other players, as you would want them to treat you.

2:) In a multiplayer game involving more than 2 players, winners must reports the game results (honestly and accurately); using the Report Match link on the left side menu of the league page. In a duel, the winner simply reports, in a Cton/FFA the overall winner reports the match as indicated by the game scores when the Time Victory condition is displayed, any killed players are reported below surviving players in the order that they were killed with the last killed being ranked below the lowest scoring survivor.

3:) Players must make every reasonable effort to complete a game once it is begun. It is not considered acceptable to leave a game because you don't like your start, your prospects of winning, or because a better game becomes available. This can spoil the game experience for the others remaining in the game. It is also not acceptable to leave a game for personal non-emergency reasons. Players entering games should know they are able to dedicate several hours of playtime, or they shouldn't start the game. If you voluntarily quit a game, whatever the reason, you are expected to confirm your loss when the winner reports the game. People, who repeatedly quit games, even if they report, are subject to further penalties as well. What distinguishes Civplayers from non-league games is the lack of quitters. Maintaining this reputation is important to us.


This is a fast summary of the basic rules, the full list of rules can be found in a link on the side. There are alot of dedicated players who offer thier time and energy to help train up and coming new league members. If you wish further support to help quicken any training or understanding of the game we call Civ, please peruse the boards or make a post in a new topic in this section. Any questions or confusions you may have, ask away, someone will be sure to help you with an answer.

Otherwise, I hope you enjoy your stay, the league offers a full complement of staff and support, clans and tournaments, mentors as well a competitive place where each indiviudual holds dear to them the idea that one day they may be the best in the world like me ;D

If you see me online, add me to your buddy list and I can try to help you further with any more questions.

Otherwise, drop a post here with a quick thought on the game or the play :)



Hub Map
No turn limit
3 cuity elim
No Barbs
Random events
Tribal Villages
Vassal States
Espionage on
Land - Pressed
Neutral Territory - Pressed
unrestricted leaders
2 tile isthmus

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