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Author Topic: I'm really disappointed of CIV community...  (Read 3716 times)

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Re: I'm really disappointed of CIV community...
« Reply #45 on: November 04, 2009, 02:50:07 AM »
It might be useful for newer players to start participating in the "easy" tournaments hosted at 1:30 Firaxis, Eastern US time on Sundays. (Always for now except on Clan Championship Weekend)

In order to play you have to have a skill level below 1480, in the league stats.  The whole reason for having these tournaments is to give new players the experience AND to find players with similar skills to hone their swords on.  In two weeks, I plan to have a 2v2 tournament with special rules.  There must be a player on or below the 1480 skill level, and the partner has to have at least 150 points more in skill.  That means you might seek a more experienced player to help you get over the noob issues... make a friend, get noticed for what you do well.. etc.

I've been on the league for quite a while, but since I have been away a year, some of the refinements players use are a little faded out for me.  I will hang out waiting for an invitation for a teamer, since I dont want to be the lowest skill in the game, get stuck in a team with other low skill players, cause an elite player loss of points.  I wait, am still waiting for invitations for teamers.  I probably should host my own teamers and name them for skill levels.. such as.. teamer, under 1500 skill points, so that I could re-establish my team awareness and be ready for the better players.

It always takes time to be admitted to teamers.   

Do join the Sunday afternoon easy tournaments.  I'm trying various things to help newer players get some experience. You might even find some others like yourself, just wanting a little practice.
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