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Author Topic: We need to talk....  (Read 3402 times)

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Re: We need to talk....
« Reply #45 on: April 06, 2009, 12:37:34 AM »
I think this is a bad idea, which will cause problems for the community.

Why have two reporting mechanisms.  You can report clan matches here. We can set up clan tourneys, etc.  Not to mention why further compete against and tend to dilute participation in the CCC, our premier event?

CS has done a great job for years dedicating himself unselfishly to the community. Personally, I think this violates the concept of "one game, one league/ladder, one community" and I don't intend to participate.

I urge those who wish to be able to play CIV4 for many many years in the future to stay united.  Certainly the current League management is open to new ideas and new programs in addition to what we have set up that works remarkably well. 



I support Gef's Idea to create a special league for clans. The idea is very wel worked out and easy to use. The idea is to facilitate a competition between a small precentage of civplayers. The civplayers that are devoted to the game and enjoy comming up with new strategies. Ppl that wanna play together and overcome tough obstacles, ppl that wanna teach and learn each other about the different aspects of the game. Its for ppl that think civ is more then just a game.
I dont think that the idea is to have the exact same clans participate in the clanleague as in civplayers. No the idea is to create more smaller clans. Small groups of good players that wil take 1 or 2 aprentices in and teach them all about the amazing variety of strategies in the game.

Futhermore i dont think this wil rip apart the comunity. It is not a goal of Gef to take over the civ comunity, dont be afraid. His goal is to try and keep the what u call "elites" from leaving from boredum. It is not his goal that ppl start reporting normal games to the site. No its setup up for special clan games. Games where civ is taken to a higher lvl then rnd anc ss shufle games.

So i wil play keep playing my normal games on the civplayers site, and the more challenging games( those games where the adreneline curses through ur veines ) on the clan league.

I'm not saying this is a bad idea or not needed, but it could have just as easily been done within Civplayers as outside it, and I'm sure the reasons for not doing it as part of the league have nothing to do with the technical issues...

But I'm curious to see how you think this will be a success when the same people that are going to be playing this are the same people that couldn't be bothered to show up for clan league games which could have satified everything you state that this setup is designed to do.  But at any rate I will be watching to see the strength's and weaknesses of this for future considerations.

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