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Author Topic: KAC GOTM "RAIN DANCE"  (Read 670 times)

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« on: February 10, 2009, 12:49:20 PM »

It's 4000 BC. Tribes of the Great Plains of North America suffer because of drought.

It was a huge disaster - bloody wars for rivers and lakes that left outraged.
Many people died and a lot of blood was shed during wars for water.
One day a hope for everyone was awakened by an Apache shaman Red Bull. He announced that Great Manitou told him: to stop the drought you have to dance the ritual Rain Dance.
All the tribes gathered in peace and under burning sun they danced the Rain Dance. The rain came in huge amounts, rivers and lakes were full of water again.

But the legend says that the drought will return as the Rain Dance effect is temporary.

So Indians must gather as much food as possible to survive drought to come.

That's how begins next Game of the Month: Rain Dance.

Leader: Sitting Bull of Native Americans (phi /pro)
Map: Texas, Arizona, Great Plains
Mas size: tiny
Level: Emperor
Victory: Time
Raging barbarians

Game goal: you have to gather as much food as possible in demography during 100 turns.

Game speed: quick

Save/load limit : 5
IRONMAN: no save/load allowed
Rain Dance thread

Download starting save of Rain Dance GOTM

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Thank you LD, I was looking forward for your next event as I crashed out too early of the Astro Cup  ;D. Now we're back in business  :bow: