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Author Topic: Civilization No Quitters Rules  (Read 41153 times)

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Civilization No Quitters Rules
« on: October 23, 2014, 01:43:25 PM »
    Group Link
    Civlization V BNW Specific Rules
    • If u spawn Venice you can request a rehost.
    • Abusing city states for training units, pillaging and repairing tiles, and making peace every turn while conquering are not allowed.
    • Worker stealing is allowed
    [Forcing other people to lvl units on CS is not allowed
    • Scholars in residence are not allowed
    •   Interfaith Dialogue is not allowed
    • Repairing opponent’s tiles are not allowed.
    • A player can only vote for him/her self world leader.
    • Moving initial settler for more than 3 turns are not allowed

    Optional game Options
    • Draft
      • Players ban 2 civilizations of their choice starting from the lowest player spot ascending up to the game host. No two civilizations bans can be the same. After the banned phase has ended, players starting from the lowest player spot picks a civilization not banned. This continues in ascending order of player position until the game host picks.
      Fruity Draft
      • FruityDraft uses a similar concept to draft. The players ban 2 civs similar to draft, except expands the choices to have a random amount of civilizations assigned to each person, from which they choose of the civilizations they are given. It is best to have a respectable player control the FruityDraft for the randoming of the civilizations. The link used for FruityDraft is Pure Random is the default choice, where everyone selects random civilization, mirror is where everyone selects the same civilization.
      NQ Mod from nq member and game coder, Fruitstrike.
      • A Multiplayer mod that brings some balancing changes to social policies, civs, units and their promotions.

      NQ Map Script from nq member hellblazer.
      • What is the NQ Map Script:

      This is a map script based on the Pangaea Plus map script, changes have been made to create a more open single huge landmass with several small / tiny islands and less choke points. The code has also been adjusted so CS don’t always spawn on so many of the islands although some may still do so.

      There is a new option under world age called ‘No Mountains’ only the natural wonders will show as mountains in game, there may on the very rare occasion be a single mountain elsewhere on the map.

      There are also 3 new options under the resources setting, now you can choose Strategic Balance With Coal, Strategic Balance With Aluminum or Strategic Balance With Coal & Aluminum.
    • + | Yes / Agree
    • - | No / Do not agree
    • = | Abstain
    • HJ | Hot Join
    • AG | Any game(s)?
    • FFA | Free for all
    • Fruity | Fruity draft
    • MOD | Game with played with Fruitstrikes mod
    • NAPS | Non Aggressive Pacts
    • MM| Mod and Map
    • CC | Concede
    • NA | North America
    • IRR | Irrelevant
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    Re: Civilization No Quitters Rules
    « Reply #1 on: November 14, 2015, 04:13:23 AM »
    I never Quit,I was # 1 when I left.I was an awesome place to be
    and many wanted to be there before the gig shut down
    Now I see there is a second and possible third stage to deprive me of what I was when civ3 actually died
    go for it dudes
    I am the chickennoodle
    first Iron woman
    beat beastmaster to a pulp
    beat everyone of you all personally
    Ivan was a good friend in the lobby
    but when civ3 shut down
    I was top bird
    even if I only had 1 feather left on my tail
    miss you all

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    Re: Civilization No Quitters Rules
    « Reply #2 on: July 06, 2017, 09:30:58 PM »
    So, is there going to smth like this for the Civilization VI?
    It would be really nice, because I can't imagine multiplayer games without this mod  :attack:
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    Re: Civilization No Quitters Rules
    « Reply #3 on: July 08, 2017, 01:57:45 AM »
    So, is there going to smth like this for the Civilization VI?
    It would be really nice, because I can't imagine multiplayer games without this mod  :attack:

    Yes we certainly do run a league for Civ6, just come to our Discord Channel and we will help you get setup to play.

    We are also working on a new Civplayers Web site that should be up and running by the fall, as this one has a really old code base, so we need to create something new with 2017 programming tools.

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