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Author Topic: Fruity Draft (a MOBA-style drafter for Civ 5)  (Read 11924 times)

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Fruity Draft (a MOBA-style drafter for Civ 5)
« on: October 20, 2014, 06:13:20 AM »
Hey guys!

I made a Civ 5 drafter a while back that gave more of a MOBA-style drafting mechanism for Civ 5 games, and it prevents Venice restarts. Some of the more prominent streamers have begun to use it (and the name "Fruity Draft" came from them lol...), so I decided to make a post if anyone else wants to use it. You can also technically use it for single player games if you like! Anyway, here is the link:

Hope it's useful for you! And please feel free to send me feedback! I'd be happy to implement features if enough people want them! :)

- Fruitstrike
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