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Author Topic: For CIV 5 Admins - Banned  (Read 432 times)

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For CIV 5 Admins - Banned
« on: August 28, 2014, 07:48:18 AM »
Hi mate

I like to be a part of NQ civ groupHi mate

I like to be a part of NQ civ groupe.  I am new one here - about month. Got played about 10 games ranked - and had 1550 points - so never leaved before - to get that points.

One day - one game - I got my PC crashed - so I disconected from game and was not aviable to reconect - that day my PC was dead . Next time when I logged in , noticed that was noted as a "leaver" and kicked from room and chat and groupe.   I spoke to FifhtyRobot and he taked me back to groupe - explaining situation - but he is not admin so i still can not join steam chat - so i cant see games and playes with community.

I hate leavers by myself - but sometimes shit happens - that was not my day and that was the only one time , which can be with anyone.  I sinercly hope that you will be able to get me back to steam chat . One more time I wanna sorry to all that guys , wich fun and 2 hour game was crashed with my leave . (((

My steam is -

I hope u can help me.

Thx  a lot