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Author Topic: Ranked Match Confusion  (Read 642 times)

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Ranked Match Confusion
« on: May 01, 2014, 05:55:06 AM »
Hey guys, I was just wondering if someone could explain things for me a little. I was just wondering how do I enter ranked matches, and how often are the tournaments held and if they're separate to the league or if the ranked matches I've seen in youtube/twitch are from tournaments?

Thanks heaps in advance.  ;D So looking forward to some competitive Civ with you all!  :attack:

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Re: Ranked Match Confusion
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2014, 05:48:24 AM »
For how to report a game, there is a section of the rules that describes that.

Reporting Games :

26. In a multiplayer game involving more than 2 players, winners must report the game results (honestly and accurately), using the Report Match link(for your specific league) on the left side menu of the league page. In a duel, the winner simply reports, in a CTON/FFA the overall winner reports the match as indicated by the game scores when the Time Victory condition is displayed, any killed players are reported below surviving players in the order that they were killed with the last killed being ranked below the lowest scoring survivor. In a team game, the Captain or designated player (in the case of a shuffle teamer) on the winning team reports the game based on the team declared the winner on the Time Victory (or other Victory) popup. As well any player or team that completes any other victory condition during the game wins the game despite not having won the time victory, they take first place and all other players/teams are ranked by their score at this point in the game. The losing players/teams are required to log into the league web page and confirm the match results promptly or officially dispute the match so that an the Report Dispute (RD) Admin can process it.

27.  Winners will report duels simply against the loser of the game, there are no subs allowed in duels as a dropped player is not going to be replaced by a sub, the game is simply over.  If the two players want a re-match a new game shall be started.

28. A member of a winning team shall report the game as dictated above(para 26), but now can include players, subs, subs-dnf and quitters.  Subs that finish the game on the winning team will get credited skill just like a normal player, and get a % bonus.  Subs on the losing team as well as all subs that did not finish the game will just get the % bonus.  Quitters on both teams will get a % skill deducted and if they are on the losing team will be penalized in skill as a last place player, or in order of quitter is there is more than one.  Quitters on the winning team will not get the benefit of being on the winning team and will receive the % skill penalty.

29. The winner of a Cton will report the Cton in order of players and subs by score(as dictated in para 26), then quitters in order of when they quit.  And subs that did not finish the game(sub-dnf) can be reported at the end of the list as they will only get the % bonus and are not calculated in the skill distribution.

As well we have a FAQ on the reporting options in a bit more detail

As for tournaments, yes they do happen though Civ5 and all it's bugs and problems has made getting enough players for tournaments difficult to do relative to the Civ3 and Civ4 days.

The videos you have watched are all great games played by members of the league, but they are generally just normal "random" lobby games reported on the league.  Tournaments are not separate to the league, though we advertise them on other Fan sites, and will cooperate with other sites and/or players that want to run a tournament.  But the games in the tournaments are all reported to the league in the same manner that lobby games are.

Hope this helps

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