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Author Topic: Firaxis Video Interview Announces Fixes to MP in BNW Expansion  (Read 642 times)

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A post over in CFC has indicated that Firaxis made some big announcements for changes for MP finally.


- Firaxis was able to have a full team work on the BNW multiplayer to fix bugs and create new modes
- New Observer mode
- Sequential Turn Mode
- Hybrid Turn Mode; Sequential turns until combat occurs then switches to normal turn based turns
- Pitboss will be included in BNW

Now not all of these will be popular in competitive MP, but anything that draws more people into the MP world is a good thing.  Hard to say what "fix bugs" will mean to the stability issues we have had since launch of Civ5, but any improvements are a good thing.

And no mention yet of if they plan on enabling mods in MP, which requires a very stable MP code base.
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