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What is your preferred future civ trait?


Author Topic: Part 2 of NCN Guide to future: Beefing up your cities FAST  (Read 6020 times)

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Part 2 of NCN Guide to future: Beefing up your cities FAST
« on: October 10, 2012, 10:27:32 PM »
How to Beef Up your cities


As many units in future are shield heavy, like modern armor compared to swordsmen, you will become baffled at how in the world you're supposed to produce armies of tanks, fleets of battleships, and waves of bombers in such a short time, and protect yourself from all of these when all you got is a few drafts to defend.

Many people, even some experienced players, don't seem to know what to build in their cities when they are not fighting. Probably many players just stick to one strategy. Well I gathered some insight and Im sure this through guide will help as well as bring forth criticism. =P


So your first city will also be your most important. Save population so you can at least get to draft a tow or two before you make settlers again. Then, let your size grow over 7 so you get more production and think about beefing up your capital to become the first powerhouse, while your minor cities follow a similar path.

The first thing to note is that your towns will first start off as worker factories, while your capital will start saving population. Then when land looks promising, think about giving a city a big promotion into the next phase.

Ask yourself, is this city a potential gold powerhouse? shield powerhouse? or a food powerhouse?


THE INNER DISTRICT...For the rich and privileged

The elite powerhouses would be in the tight ring around your capital, since shield and gold corruption will be quite huge if cities are more than 5 squares away. So think about moving the palace if it comes to it, and save your inner ring of cities for potential powerhouses.

 Still, he outer (low income district) still has many purposes.

1. Worker factories - more workers always needed to farm trees.

2. Rushing cities - if you got barracks, you'll actually save more shields if you buy units in a crapy city, than if you rush at a powerhouse producing 50 shields per turn.

3. Drafting cities - Food has no corruption.
4. Tree farms - Even if a city has high corruption and has low output, you can still coop it up with a ring of workers to plant and chop. NOTE: Once a land has had forest chopped once, it will not provide any future shields from forest chops. In a sense, the soil's depleted.



Bring the Industrial Revolution to your powerhouse.



You should try to save population in your capital if you want ot get strong fast. Threrefore,
depending on the quality and proximity of your POP or enemy, go easy on the settlers and concentrate on getting some internal infrastructure.

If you got good pops, they can take care of making workers and seeding settlers, while your cap evolves. Then later, they can save population and become powerhouses themselves, leaving the younger towns to make workers.

For republic, the general evolution of towns is this, of course provided youre not being attacked.

worker-granary-worker-market-bank-stock exch-factory -powerplant

According to need, you can skip the first few steps, depending on how urgent you are to produce war goods. Of course, if a city is all food no shields, stick to workers and setts.

Once you got up to stock exchange in your capital, you will likely get about 30-40 gold per turn net total, and once you get a market-bank-stock in 2 more cities, you got some 100-120 gold per turn. Thats enough to rush a tow every other turn in a completely worthless city, save for nukes, and rush a navy when need, as coastal cities dont get as many shields.



Now for Fascism, it is a little bit more tricky. You won't see as many buildings in fasc, since a lot of units will be drafted. I haven't completely mastered it yet either, but this is the
general idea.

Make workers. You won't be able to rush anything, so your worker chops will do the trick.

Ignore all commercial buildings. After enough mining, use  handful of your workers to plant forest then chop them down in (one per tile) unused plains, unshielded grass, tundra, etc to provide extra shields for factory (fasc workers 1 turn chop) Don't be scared to slave 2-3 citizen to hurry factories.

Note how I industrialized early, and left my 2nd city to reproduce and make workers.

I screwed up and let my cap go civil disorder. Meanwhile luvvy dropped drafts with choppers and it wasnt pretty.

A good mid size city owuld produce about 12-18 shields raw, while still growing. With factory, thats 24-36 shields, with a hydro power plant, 30-45, or with nuclear power plant, 36-54. With war time, hopefully u get 10 shields on top of that and with golden age, 10 shields more.

With 30 shields u can make cruise missle every turn, 50 shields, a tow or bomber and at 60, a modern armor per turn!

If you got rails, then god help the opponent near you who doesn't!

A good trick to make fast factories for all governments, but best for fasc, since you dont need to build many public buildings during extended war-time.


-City must be coastal
-Must have oil
-Must have ally

1.Go into war-time
2.Set your coastal city to start Battleship
3.Wait untill you get 1-2 turns away from finishing battleship
4.Go OOW and switch back to factory.
5.Do same with power plants.

Word of the Wise

"put to tow in wt, then when it is down to 1 turn, oow-- disband 6 con tows in cap and viola factory is ready without any slaving"

So the idea is, you draft over a period of time so less public anger.
NOTE: 1 cons TOW disband provides 13 shields.


Scientific civs

Who said scientific is a waste?
Perhaps the best advantage is to make a solar plant early in the game, as it is much cheaper.
Solar plants are standalone and can work on top of factories and hydro plants themselves, producing
+25% shield.

Now if a city is on flood plains, or better yet, wheat flood, you got yourself a food powerhouse.

Think about making that city a full time worker and settler factory, and a drafting city. This reduces the pressure on your other cities to produce workers.

<L-J{C3C}>   nice to have a shild factory with some fp wheats
He means bring drafts over to disband for shields/

Also, keep in mind the more food bonus a city has, the less irrigate is needed and  more citizens it can allocate to mined mountains and still keep growing. You can figure it out yourself.


When you get only Mediocre Land....

When you have crappy cities from pop or other reasons, don't even waste an aqueduct on it, and only make civilian units from that town.

When worst comes to worst, meaning if there are only few good city spots within 5 tiles of your cap, it would be better to have 2-3 good metropolises complete with improvements,
than to have 5-6 crappy size towns with nothing but granaries.

I personally dont like building more than 5 cities, as corruption gets annoying more than 5 tiles away from cap.

Note how my land is mostly plains, desert, and hills, little food.
Thus, you want to stick to bonus resources and I wouldnt make more than 4 cities tops
in this game.
I went for nukes, in this game, but hapuna, my last surviving ally, thought you needed alum for nukes and quit. Wow

The key is speed.
How many powerhouses can you get before you start an all out war? How fast can you get a factory in capital?

Many times, the place and time of battle is not up to you. If you don't take the offensive fast enough, you will have war at home, leading to destroyed factories and banks, ravaged land, cut off resources, and you lose everything you've worked for.

No wonder western countries always fought on enemy ground!

Hopefully now, you iwll be less at a loss of what to start building after granary!

If the enemy is near, or you have a specific plan, like boating or cruz, then freestyle,
of course.

Remember, this is only a rough outline, and the best guide is your common sense!


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